Lancer Deluxe Transformers Siege WFC-GS05

A Generations Selects accompaniment to Siege, Lancer is a redeco and head retool of Greenlight (herself a retooling of Power of the Primes Moonracer), transforming into a Cybertronic car. Lancer can also form an arm or leg for any Combiner Wars-style Combiner, with Siege online material branding her as part of Orthia.
She comes with a redeco of her mold-sister Novastar’s gun, which can combine with Moonracer’s gun (or Siege Lionizer/Dazzlestrike) to form a larger rifle that doesn’t look too out of place in a combiner hand. She also comes with Prime Armor (originally belonging to Power of the Primes Jazz) with a place for a Prime Master, Enigma, or Matrix core that can transform into a hand for a combiner. This part has a piece that can fill the gap in the chest armor or be held as a gun.

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