Lionizer Battle Master Transformers Siege WFC-S2

Part of the first wave of Siege Battle Masters, Lionizer is a new mold (in distinctly non-Lionizer colors, perhaps resulting from the torso and limbs being molded in the same unpaintable plastic) that transforms from robotic lion with a back-mounted blaster cannon to an “RS Firesteel Saber”. The cannon can also fold down and act as a much bigger tail. As a part of the C.O.M.B.A.T. System, his weapon mode can be attached to any toy with a 5 mm post-hole. Thanks to the handle being on a swivel-joint, his weapon mode can also be mounted perpendicularly, such as on a robot’s forearm or on the side/top of a vehicle mode, without sticking straight out and looking ridiculous. Thanks to the C.O.M.B.A.T. System, the back of the blade has a 3 mm post where the “Fire Blast” piece would attach, and can be used as a handle for Generation 1 Rad, allowing him to use this Lionizer, or his blade section, as a gun or sword. He includes a “Fire Blast” effect piece to simulate a slashing attack, clipping onto the back side of the blade or the handle in beast mode, simulating a pounce effect.

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