Mirage Deluxe Transformers Siege WFC-S43

In accordance with his victory in the 2018 War for Cybertron Trilogy Hasbro fan poll, Mirage got a new figure in Siege, released concurrently with Impactor. The figure is styled after Mirage’s cartoon model, and transfoms into an F1 racer (a distinctly different model from his original toy) with Cybertronian elements. Mirage features extensive faux parts; the vehicle nose making up his chest actually stores in the back of his vehicle mode, while the actual nose of the vehicle folds into the back of his shins. He comes with 3 weapons compatible with the C.O.M.B.A.T. System, and features multiple 5 mm hardpoints to work with it. Unlike most Siege figures, Mirage is practically spotless, as no visible sign of battle damage paint applications can be seen anywhere on his body.

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