Refraktor Deluxe Transformers Siege WFC-S36

Siege Refraktor is a single-packaged Deluxe figure based on Viewfinder’s robot design, although the figure includes a removable ‘chest module’ which allows one to recreate Spectro or Spyglass instead. As standalone robots, each Refraktor bot on its own can transform into an “artillery hovercraft” that might be generously interpreted as marginally reminiscent of the BotCon 2016 repaints above. Purchasing three units and combining them will allow the formation of the classic camera mode, looking vaguely like a modern digital reflex body. To this end, each Refraktor includes a blaster and a shield which form one-third of the camera tripod and lens, respectively, with the Viewfinder “chest module” connecting the tripod for stability. Though not suggested in the instructions, you can also pop the other two chest modules into the empty sockets on top of each of the camera’s sides, simulating the aperture and shutter speed controls on a real camera. Unlike most Siege figures, the Refraktors lack battle damage.

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