Smokescreen Deluxe Transformers Siege WFC-GS06

A Generations Selects add-on to Siege, Smokescreen is a redeco of Siege Barricade (itself a head retool of Siege Prowl) sans lightbar. Smokescreen transforms into a Cybertronian car and includes the blaster and the 2 cannons from his mold mates, which are compatible with the C.O.M.B.A.T. System. They can combine to form a dual-blaster (though this is not documented in his instructions), or mount on the car hood/shoulders. He also features multiple hardpoints to accommodate “Fire Blasts” from the Battle Masters assortment, which can be used to simulate blaster fire or explosions. Like Prowl, Smokescreen is basically spotless, with no battle damage paint applications anywhere on his body. Smokescreen can be transformed between robot and vehicle modes without removing the W-50 Volt-Beam Cannons from his shoulders.

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