Soundblaster Voyager Transformers Siege WFC-S63

A “Special Edition” figure for the 35th anniversary of the Transformers brand, Siege Soundblaster is a redeco and retool of the Voyager Class figure above, featuring a black paint job evoking his rebuilt form in The Headmasters. The figure retains the original’s battle damage but has a red visor instead of yellow. As a nod to the original Headmasters toy, Soundblaster’s chest door was retooled so that he could now hold two “Drone Armors” at once, though the increased storage space results in a very conspicuous chest protrusion. Soundblaster’s retooled door avoids the problems people reported with fitting Ravage into Soundwave, though in return, it can be difficult to remove drone armors placed furthest inside the compartment.

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