Soundwave Voyager Transformers Siege WFC-S25

Part of the second wave of Siege Voyager Class figures, Soundwave transforms from a heavily G1-inspired robot to “Patrol Hovercraft” and back. Soundwave features an opening chest compartment that can accommodate his usual Cassettes Mini-Cons Deployer Mini-Cons Micromasters Laserbeak and Ravage, who are sold separately in the Micromasters assortment, and has his left index finger moulded out so that he can be posed pressing his own ‘eject’ button, as well as slots on his arms for Laserbeak to (loosely) perch on. Two more “Spy Patrol” Micromaster packs were released to be compatible with Soundwave. He also includes three weapons compatible with the C.O.M.B.A.T. System, two of which are based on his classic sonic blaster and shoulder cannon, and all three can combine to form the “USW HF Sonic Compression Mega-Blaster”. Soundwave features a light-piped yellow visor as a homage to his G1 toy, a rarity in modern Soundwave toys. Soundwave’s additional gun can be slotted onto the back of the Siege Voyager Megatron figure, perfectly mimicking his G1 gun barrel placement.

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