Spinister Deluxe Transformers Siege WFC-S48

Despite not winning the 2018 War for Cybertron: Siege fan poll, Spinister was still produced and released in the fifth and final wave of Siege Deluxes, converting from robot to Cybertronian helicopter and back. He comes with two weapons: the “NFM Dual-Fusion Cannon”, and a “Spin-Blast Particle Beam Cannon”, based off of his Targetmaster partners’ weapon modes. In an undocumented but extremely obvious feature, his guns can be combined to form a single four-barreled gun the way the the original toy’s Targetmasters could. He features battle damage paint applications in the form of silver dry-brushing on the center of his thighs and a brownish paint wash on his forearms. Despite the overall decrease in scale seen in the Siege line, Spinister stands as the tallest deluxe mold in the entire line, barely inching out Ironhide and Impactor. This roughly keeps him in scale with the recent releases of his fellow Scavengers figures in their depictions seen in the IDW comic.

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