Springer Voyager Transformers Siege WFC-S38

Siege “Autobot Springer” is an all-new, cartoon-accurate mould that transforms from robot to car or helicopter. He includes four weapons compatible with the C.O.M.B.A.T. System, two “W-10 Airslice Chopper Blades,” which are two swords that turn into rotor blades, and the “JF-10 Warp Blaster” and “C-10 EM Void Blast Capacitor,” two blasters. All four weapons can mount on the rotor blade base and form the “D.E.W. Mega Missile Launcher.” Springer also features “battle damage” paint applications on his front shoulders, chest, and legs, as well as multiple hardpoints all over himself and his weapons to accommodate “Fire Blasts” from the Battle Masters assortment, which can be used to simulate blaster fire or explosions.

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