Zetar Deluxe Transformers Siege WFC-GS08

A Generations Selects accompaniment to Siege, “Powerdasher Zetar” is a retool of Brunt, with a body based on the Centurion droid from IDW Publishing’s Stormbringer comic miniseries that transforms into a Cybertronian drill tank and back. In tank mode, Zetar’s turret rotates and can also raise and lower his cannon vertically. In robot mode, Zetar features two-thirds of a new head (the front of Brunt’s face makes up the back of Zetar’s head), with a 5 mm post on top to mount his new drill-tip skullcap/accessory. He is also compatible with the “Fire Blast” effect pieces from the Battle Masters assortment, which can be used to simulate blaster fire or explosions. Like the other Generations Selects figures complementing Siege, he lacks “battle damage” paint applications.
Like his fellow “Weaponizer” figures, he can also separate into multiple parts compatible with the C.O.M.B.A.T. System to form armor and weapons for other figures of the subline, with two configurations shown in his instructions. The “Demolition Loadout” has him split into a “C-HP M2 OBV Launcher” (his lower legs in vehicle-cannon mode), a “C-AD M2 VX Cannon” backpack (waist/upper legs), the “C-CR M2 AGZ Blaster” (torso & drill in a loose connection that relies on the friction of the base of the drill and the lip of the torso’s connector), two “C-CMA M2 ME Amplifier” boots (arms), and the “C-HD M2 Turret Armor” shield (turret base). The “Serpentine Loadout” turns practically the entire figure into a backpack with a pair of massive “HMC” (Hydraulic Mauler Claw) arms and a “PBM” (Proximity Boost Module, whatever the heck that means). Curiously, the instructions for all of his modes completely omit the 2-part cannon barrel accessory left over from Brunt, though stock photography from both Hasbro and TakaraTomy shows this accessory in use.

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