Aimless Battle Master Transformers Siege WFC-S17

Part of the second wave of Siege “Battle Masters”, Aimless is a retool of Blowpipe, which transforms from robot to the “Manifold Ion Particle Blaster” and back. He includes two “Fire Blast” effect pieces that can be used to simulate his blaster mode firing, and can slot onto the various hardpoints found on other figures and weaponry from the same subline to simulate blaster fire or explosions. The actual gun barrel piece can detach from the back, revealing a 3 mm peg, and connect to his arm as a cannon. Deco-wise, Aimless’s parts are inverted from Blowpipe’s original colours allowing a G1 accurate colour scheme to be achieved for both if you switch their arms. If you choose, you can pair him with Misfire’s Generations/Legends incarnations.

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