Barricade Deluxe Transformers Siege WFC-S41

Part of the fourth wave of Siege Deluxe Class figures, Barricade is a new-head retool of Prowl, transforming into a Cybertronian police car. He has multiple 5 mm post holes to accommodate C.O.M.B.A.T. System accessories and parts. He also features multiple hardpoints to accommodate “Fire Blasts” from the Battle Masters assortment, which can be used to simulate blaster fire or explosions. His two “HF Siren-Blast Punisher Cannons” can be mounted on these points, or the slots on his hood/shoulders, as well as combine into a larger double-barreled blaster. He also includes a light bar that can be mounted on his roof or wherever else you care to. The bar has an indent in its top that, despite being rectangular, still fits 5 mm posts very well.

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