Blowpipe Battle Master Transformers Siege WFC-S3

Part of the first wave of Siege Battle Masters, Blowpipe transforms from robot to “Dual-Impact Shatterblast Compression Cannon” and back. As a part of the C.O.M.B.A.T. System, he includes a “Fire Blast” effect piece that can be used to simulate his blaster mode firing, and can slot onto the various hardpoints found on other figures and weaponry from the same subline to simulate blaster fire or explosions. The outer peg of the effect part can also attach to 5 mm ports. The actual gun barrel piece can detach from the back, revealing a 3 mm peg, and connect to his arm like a cannon. Due to the gun barrel piece’s size, attaching a Fire Blast effect to it while he’s wielding it in this manner will render the figure too unstable to stand.
Unlike other blast effect parts, it can be separated into two pieces. One that attaches to other 3 mm hardpoints and one that fits 5 mm pegs. If one is inclined, it can be separated into 3 pieces if one pulls out the rocket blast-like pieces into two, though the front piece is not compatible with every 5 mm pegs due to the size of the tab.

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