Cog Deluxe Transformers Siege WFC-S8

Part of the first wave of Siege Deluxe Class figures, Cog is a new mold which transforms from robot into armored vehicle and back. Cog also retains his ability to split into Gasket and Grommet, a trait proudly demonstrated by the packaging artwork. His official alternate mode is a combined half-track vehicle consisting of the two individual vehicles plugged together. However, the flat rectangular tab that holds them together doesn’t have a particularly tight fit, and has a tendency to come undone during handling. He can also accommodate “Fire Blast” effect pieces from the Battle Masters assortment to simulate blaster fire, or taking blaster fire. His forearms also have minor hints of battle damage.
As a Weaponizer, he can also be disassembled into an arsenal of weapons, armor, and other upgrades compatible with various other Siege figures as part of the interchangeable/connectable-weapon C.O.M.B.A.T. System… or, really, any figures with 5 mm post attachment points. He splits into a “C-40 Neutron Synthesis Shield” (torso), “C-LR Thermal Booster” (hips and waist), two “C-HV Electro-Scramblers” (arms), and two “C-M3 HF Spectrum Disruptors” (legs), with a pair of “RT-5 Circuit Welders” (his handguns) left over. His instructions show two suggested combinations with Deluxe-level figures: the “Defensive Loadout” turns Cog into a shield, pair of platform shoes and an anti-aircraft backpack, while the “Offensive Loadout” uses nearly all his parts to make a huge artillery-laden backpack with marginally bigger cannons. Cog’s transformation is also the most simple of the Siege “Weaponizer” molds, as it only requires the detachment of three parts.

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