Impactor Deluxe Transformers Siege WFC-S42

In accordance with his victory in the 2018 War for Cybertron Trilogy Hasbro fan poll, Impactor received a new figure in Siege, thematically matched up against Mirage. As his first non-retool figure, Impactor is styled after his Marvel appearance and transforms into a Cybertronian 4-treaded battle tank with a working turret. He comes with 2 accessories: the HP Energon Mineblaster and the Trilithium Drill, which is styled after his classic harpoon. He features multiple C.O.M.B.A.T. System weapon ports to attach weapons, enabling custom configurations in bot and vehicle modes. The figure is noticeably tall for a Deluxe figure, rivalling the height of Ironhide from the same line. As part of the Siege line, Impactor features battle damage paint applications, specifically above his treads and plough. The Autobot insignia on his chest is uncoloured, filled by the base plastic colours of the figure. Unlike most Siege toys, Impactor’s two weapons are not designed to be combined into a larger weapon.

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