Jetfire Commander Transformers Siege WFC-S28

The first Commander Class toy in the Siege toyline (and just in general), this iteration of Jetfire —the largest official figure bearing the character’s name!— is based heavily on his 1984 cartoon and comic character model, transforming into a Cybertronian superjet with a massive, brick-like top-mounted “Turbo Thruster Booster Pack”. He is one of the few toys in the Siege line not sporting battle damage paint applications, though he does have a very light ‘reentry fade’ on his lower legs and jet nosecone.
In robot mode, the faction symbol on his chest can flip around to be either Autobot or Deception, a reference to the original Transformers cartoon episode “Fire in the Sky” (alternately, you can pretend he’s performing the Rite of the Autobrand as seen in the original Marvel comic). The 5 mm post-hole rings in his hands are designed to recess into his palms when his fingers are extended forward so he looks less awkward in an open-handed pose. Adding the Skyshield Aerial Armor and Skyshield Battle Mask gives his robot mode a slightly more original-toy appearance. Some copies may have difficulty attaching his chest armour properly due to the small flip-out panels not lining up perfectly: pulling the chest panels open and then putting them back once the armour is attached can help, or it can be attached by a single panel instead of both. While Jetfire does have ankle tilts, there are small but fairly strong clips that lock them in, so a bit of force may be required to unlock them.
In jet mode, along with deployable landing gear with rolling wheels, he features four pop-out handles on his underside that allow other Siege figures (or any toy or accessory with a 5 mm grip) to hang underneath him, letting him air-drop his comrades into battle. He can also carry up to three Titan Masters or Prime Masters in jet mode: removing the filler computer core inside his cockpit (by folding down the nosecone) reveals space for one Master, while the back end of the Turbo Thruster Booster Pack lifts up to reveal space for two more Masters. Oddly, this feature is not shown in his instructions. The core also has a 5 mm hole in it. There is a 5 mm hexagonal port on his underside that appears to be for heavier-duty flight stands, since it is recessed too far to peg in any of his own weapons. Some transformation joints on his wings can also simulate working air flaps.
In either mode, his many many C.O.M.B.A.T. System weapons can be mounted on him in a variety of ways. His two “JF-25 HS Photon Missile Sky Launcher” rifles can be combined into a single double-barreled gun vaguely similar to the original animation model’s double-barreled cannon. In this configuration they form the core of a massive pile of weapons and armour that goes on top of his jet mode (as if he wasn’t anti-aerodynamic enough). In another undocumented feature, his “JF-15 HP Jetboost Particle Beam Cannons” and “SF-M2 Radiograph Booster” double-cannons are two-part weapons that can be pulled apart for even more versatility. He also has a large number of 3 mm “blast effect” hardpoints all over his body and on the tips of his weapons. His two multi-part blast effects have 5 mm posts with 3 mm holes in the middle on each part, making them very versatile in simulating him unleashing or taking weapons fire.

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