Omega Supreme Titan Transformers Siege WFC-S29

Siege Omega Supreme is a new mould, coming with Countdown. His tank component can store a vehicle mode Micromaster in a front hatchway, with a track upscaled to the point that a deluxe class figure can roll on it. A robot mode Micromaster can fit in a space at the top of the rocket, with plenty of spaces in his general body for smaller figures. Like most Siege figures, Omega features extensive articulation and numerous 5mm holes across his body to accommodate the C.O.M.B.A.T. System, and his large size means you can overload his arsenal. He scales closely with Combiner Wars Devastator.
The tank mode can elevate its central turret as well as two smaller side cannons – however, once clipped into place against the robot head the turret cannot spin. The robot head has a very small faux tank cannon attached to the back of it, which can be folded out of sight.
Omega’s track pieces use A.I.R. Lock System connectors to attach to his main body. Additional A.I.R. Lock connectors can be found at the ends of the ramps on his thighs as well as on flip-out black pieces on his legs/grey track segments. He also features Titans Return compatible connectors on the outer circumference of his tracks, though only Fortress Maximus (or Grand Maximus) has ramps that can reach them at a flat level.

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