Starscream Voyager Transformers Siege WFC-S24

Part of the second wave of Siege Voyager Class figures, Starscream transforms from a heavily G1-inspired robot into a Cybertronian ‘tetrajet’ based on the Seekers’ appearance in “More than Meets the Eye, Part 1”, although the jet mode has the robot-mode legs pretty much his entire robot body sticking out from the undercarriage. He includes two “HPI Null-Ray Laser Launchers,” which can mount on his upper arms or under the wings in jet mode (or in any other 5 mm port, really). As part of the Siege C.O.M.B.A.T. System, Starscream has 5 mm ports on his biceps, forearms, shins, under his feet (vehicle-mode thrusters), and wings. The 3 mm pegs on his shins, forearms, left bicep, and the tips of his null-rays can accommodate effects parts (sold separately). Similar to his wavemate Soundwave, Starscream is absolutely slathered in battle damage paint — it’s heavily present on his legs, chest, forearms, and the entirety of his jet form. Like the rest of Siege, his robot mode focuses on articulation, with double-jointed elbows, knees that bend at nearly 180 degrees, ankle rockers, and especially waist articulation being notable articulation points for a Starscream toy. As an interesting design addition, he also has spring-loaded panels in his lower legs to avoid hollow gaps when viewed from the back. As a rather heavy shellformer, Starscream can easily be separated into both a wingless robot mode and a nearly complete tetrajet via a single friction hinge.

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